open structured platform     for the distribution and discourse of contemporary art     paraphrasing the state of the obvious

Hugo Zorn is a journal for the distribution and discourse of contemporary art and writing.

Originating from within the circle of contemporary art and culture production, Hugo Zorn presents an ultimately subjective selection of editorial content and contributions.

Hugo Zorn is an experiment in making art criticism more tangible.

By inviting artists and other creative professionals to add their own expertise on given topics, Hugo Zorn wants to exhibit a broad scope of experiences.

This ambition materializes in the form of essays, reviews and other texts as well as in the shape of being a distribution platform for artist editions, exhibition views and open discussions.

Furthermore, Hugo Zorn leaves itself the freedom to manifest in various physical forms — publishing print material, hosting exhibitions, symposiums and other events.


Hugo Zorn - Verein zur Förderung des
zeitgenössischen Kunst- und Kulturdiskurses
Elisabethstraße 24
1010 Vienna


Javier Rodriguez




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